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Restore Pride in America - Applaud Liberty

The violence, destruction, chaos and general mayhem in our cities and streets are born of hatred and rage that have been deliberately cultivated and fomented in our young people, primarily through our schools. We’re seeing the culmination of the decades of efforts of Marxist and other Leftist groups who have been manipulating our history, teaching shame rather than pride in this most exceptional nation, teaching victimhood rather than self-determination, teaching destruction rather than gratitude to those who are the creators of all that we benefit from.

Recognizing the power that our education system has, and how that power has been exploited for a hateful and anti-Freedom agenda, AFA is launching an initiative to assess schools according to a Liberty Index, creating a resource for parents, the community and educators to find schools whose academic and philosophical values match their own; in addition, we will be recognizing excellence and will promote schools which rank high on our Liberty Index.

You can read more about it here and here.

This is the first of many ventures taken by AFA to contend with the destruction of education and we’re very excited by it.

The Left’s Long March must be stopped, and we’re here to do our part.
Your donations are crucial to this effort.